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Loans in South Carolina (SC)

Payday Loans in South Carolina (SC)

No matter how well you think you manage your finances, unforeseen events can definitely appear out of nowhere and force you to look for money easily and fast. For this type of situation, in which an unpredicted surgery or car reparation destabilized your finances, you should know that there is a simple solution that can get you out of trouble: payday loans.

Payday Loans South Carolina

What payday loans are and how can you access them if you are a resident of SouthCarolina? Well, read on to find out everything you need to know about payday loans in South Carolina.

What Are Payday Loans?

This life-saver solution is, in fact, a short-term type of loan which you can easily apply for if you are a resident of South Carolina. Apart from the fact that it offers borrowers up to $1000, it gives you the chance to get rid of it easily – as the terms and conditions in the contract will state that the sum borrowed has to be returned on your next payday.

This means that it does not only give you the chance to solve your problems easier than expected, but it also does not to destabilize your finances. It will ensure that you don’t dig yourself even more in that specific financial struggle.

Apart from these advantages, you might want to know the eligibility criteria that need to be meet in order for you to have access to this type of loan:

  • You must be of age (18 years old or more);
  • You must have a citizen of The United States;
  • You must have a steady job;
  • You must prove that you can return the sum of money borrowed on time

With the proper documentation and a high degree of responsibility taken, you can manage your financial struggle easily and fast – with no other complications added to your finances.

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What You Need to Know about Payday Loans in SC

If you live in South Carolina and you are short on money, get ready to find the lender who makes you the right offer, as payday loans are legal in your state. Payday loans in South Caroline allow its citizens to borrow up to $550 for 31 days or less, but on the condition that you only have one loan at a time.

The lenders in South Carolina will charge you up to 15% of the sum borrowed, considered a financing fee, and this means that the APR is around 390%. As an example, a $100 loan will drag another $115 fee with it.

South Carolina Payday loans need to be paid on time, which should be on the day of your paycheck. Failing to repay your loan on time will make your lender charge you a non-sufficient funds fee.

Therefore, make sure you qualify for this type of loan – and more importantly, make sure you are ready to take the proper responsibility. You have to return the sum on time because otherwise, you will dig even a bigger hole in your financial situation.

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